Opting for the quality

We worry about our customers, their well-being and satisfaction and for this reason, we are prepared to offer them the best.

We implement quality regimes that allow us to bring an exhaustive quality control in the production and the product, and we are consistent in the continuous achievement of certifications that guarantee appropiate quality standards for what we offer.

Our Certifications

The IFS Food rule is international recognised as GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative). This is a rule about quality and food safety, with the objective of fill with confidence the products and procedures, what means that the safety, quality, legality and meet of the client specific requirements are guaranteed by an evaluation and a review and inspection of the documentation.

The animal welfare is one of the essential bases of the stock production to guarantee the safety and quality food. All in all, the Certification Diagram under the General Regulation for the IRTA Certification in Welfare Quality is intended to provide more safety and transparency to all those that want to use the Welfare Quality® protocols.

Royal Decree 4/2014, of 10 January, which approves the quality standard for meat, ham, shoulder and loin cane, have like objective to establish the quality characteristics that products coming from iberian pork animals must have, that are elaborated or commercialized in fresh just like the ham, the shoulder and iberian loin cane elaborated or commercialized in Spain.

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