In 2007, a Russian, a Catalan and an Andalusian started a company capable of generating value from Iberian pork meat and products.

Today, this company with exclusively national capital supplies its clients with differentiated, sustainable products that are well positioned in an agile and changing market anywhere in the world.

Who we are

Iberian Meat is a company with international vocation that arises from the experience of its founding partners in the meat sector and the desire to take advantage of the magnificent quality > of the products offered by the Iberian pig.

Knowing the reality of the market and with many years of experience in the sector, we agree on the possibilities of this product in the environment international market and, given the foreseeable evolution of the market, we decided to start a company capable of putting these products in value.

We have a special interest in the economic development of the areas where we are located, with a corporate policy oriented to sustainability and social responsibility.

Likewise, we have modern facilities and a fleet of trucks exclusively for our products, which allows the logistics department to supply in a timely manner to our cutting room, on-site in a strategic enclave within the Iberian pork production areas.

At Iberian Meat we have a team committed to our corporate policy.

Our filosofy

Offering products and services that meet the expectatives of our customers.

Our mission

Providing value from the agreement with the excellence and the efficiency, the sustainability and the society.

Our values

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