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Intense colour, unique aroma and exquisite taste. This is the meat of Iberian pig.

The fat is one of the keys of their products to be tasted, preferably without further accompaniment to collect all their splendour in the mouth.

The star, Iberian ham, is in his own right in the select club of the great world of gourmet products, along with the caviar, truffles or foie. No wonder then that all products, meats and fats that are obtained from Iberian pigs enjoy prestige and are placed in the top of the meat products

Its obtaining, based on a model of the Iberian pig breeding in their natural habitat, represents a unique way of understanding the relationship of man with his environment and with the animals associated with values and principles as:

  • Tradition:
    of more than 2000 years of history, the Iberian pig and its use represents a central element of rural culture of the Spanish regions in the southeast.
  • Sustainability:
    the unique environment of the meadow, of enormous value, which has survived thanks to the commitment of farmers and traditional producers with the quality, above even the productivity and profitability.
  • Animal welfare:
    at a time when the livestock industry is based on raising animals in captivity, the Iberian pig is kept tied to the environment and the freedom of the pasture.
  • Rural Development:
    the Iberian sector is composed largely of small farmers and ranchers within the family, located in areas where another would use hardly compatible with the maintenance of the natural environment.
  • Food:
    this Mediterranean forest of holm oaks and cork trees, slow growing trees, provide the grass and mainly the acorn that gives the unique touch of class to the products of the Iberian pig.